January 12, 2022

Workshop: Vision

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Get clear on your vision via this journey through your 7 Chakra - filled with music, movement and honest shares from participants which will heal and inspire you. 


The recording of the 7 Chakra and VISION Workshop is now available for purchase.

Every year, on my birthday, I get into this energy of daydreaming and wondering what I want to create next in my life. Soon after the new year arrives, and some people around me start contemplating the same thing. 

Getting clear on what we are creating next is the first step of manifesting that into our physical reality.

However, the clarity we need is not verbal. What you need is the energetic clarity.

If you aren't clear energetically on what you are creating, then you will end up whipping goals / resolutions / intentions intellectually based on what you THINK you need or what society tells you, you SHOULD want.

But that vision of your life may not align with what your soul REALLY wants to create next.

And when that happens, chances are high that: 

  1. You will not achieve the goals.
  2. You will lose motivation and resilience soon.
  3. You will make your life miserable in creating it.

I have experienced such misaligned, intellectual goal setting process before. And let me tell you, there's a much easier, aligned, fun and efficient way of creating the reality you want.

Step 1: Getting clear on the energy of your vision - not the exact goals, specific actions or every step of the path - JUST the energy of your vision. All the "How" will emerge on its own when you anchor into the energy of your vision. 

So are you ready for this first step? Whether it's your birthday or a new year or a transitional time in your life, in this workshop experience:  

  • You will get clear on what your soul really wants to create.
  • 1 word / phrase will emerge to remind you of your energetic theme of the year.
  • You will experience what it feels like to embody your vision's energy, so you can access that vibration on demand throughout the year.

BONUS: This experience is so fun! It's 5 hours filled with music, movement and transparent, open, honest shares from participants who attended live. It will heal you and inspire you to anchor deep in your vision. 

In fact, one of the attendees came to the workshop with a word of the year already chosen. But when they went through this journey through 7 Chakra, they realized that the word was coming from their wounds vs. inner power. So they ended up choosing a new, more expansive word that emerged in the process. 

Have fun, Bridgewalker!

Note: Please give me 24 hours after you sign up to create your access to the workshop. If this is your first time taking an online class with me, it may take up to 2 business days to get you started on our online learning platform.

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