November 17, 2021

Workshop: Money

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Decode your relationship with money, start healing it, and expand into abundance in a way that nourishes YOU!


The recording of the 7 Chakra and Money Workshop is now available for purchase.

Join Manasi and a small group of other Bridgewalker entrepreneurs in this rich, interactive experience.

  • Learn how the 7 archetypal energies aka 7 Chakra affect your relationship with money
  • Uncover the wounds that may be getting in the way of you creating money with ease and flow
  • Simple, practical actions you can take to start expanding you money potential (And no, it's not just affirmations or vision boards)

BONUS: Instant healing, shifts in perspectives, and inspiration on your next best actions are ALWAYS a part of these workshops.

Note: Please give me 24 hours after you sign up to create your access to the workshop. If this is your first time taking an online class with Manasi, it may take up to 2 business days to get you started on our online learning platform.

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