November 17, 2021

Workshop: Manifestation

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Manifestation doesn't have one-size-fits-all formula. Learn how to manifest with your own energetic blueprint, and wounds from your lived experience.



The recording of the 7 Chakra and MANIFESTATION Workshop is now available for purchase.

Manifestation is a journey of intending an outcome, and bringing it in your physical reality.

There are a lot of teachings around manifestation out there but they don't always go to the root of what works and what doesn't. It's not a one-size-fits-all formula. Even worse many of the pop-culture teachings around manifestation do not take into account wounds and trauma that come from a lived experience and/or systemic oppression. Not here!

Join Manasi in this workshop to learn: 

  • What the wisdom of 7 Chakra teaches us about how to manifest based on our own unique energetic blueprint, as well as our lived experience
  • Bust common misconceptions that may be stopping you from manifesting what otherwise would come easily to you (e.g. What does it really mean to stay focused on your desire without getting attached to it? Is vision board necessary?)
  • Discover your top energetic imbalance and practical actions you can take immediately to make manifesting easier, joyful and aligned with you

Since this is a communal experience, you will also get to hear from other Bridgewalkers sharing their own challenges openly as well as their experiential wisdom.

7 Chakra, Human Design and plenty of real life experiences are included!

BONUS: Instant healing, shifts in perspectives, and inspiration on your next best actions are ALWAYS a part of these workshops.

Note: Please give me 24 hours after you sign up to create your access to the workshop. If this is your first time taking an online class with Manasi, it may take up to 2 business days to get you started on our online learning platform.

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