Welcome to Bridgewalkers' Collective!

Here are 3 free resources to get you started. Choose whichever ones you want.


Beginner's guide


Download this free PDF Beginner's Guide which answers the most

fundamental questions about Bridgewalkers:

  • Who is a Bridgewalker?
  • Their collective purpose
  • What does it mean to make your unique contribution?

Bridgewalkers' Tea


Listen to these candid, unfiltered conversations at the intersection of practical spirituality, systemic change and solo-preneurship. Teaching, healing and fun is guaranteed!

Available on your favorite podcast platform or at this link.

7 Chakra mini-course


This free mini-course is your introduction to: 

  • 7 Chakra system, 
  • What their original Sanskrit names teach us about various aspects of internal alignment
  • How they affect your business

The teaching is practical, actionable, and free from cultural appropriation.