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Beginner's guide


Download this free PDF Beginner's Guide which answers the most

fundamental questions about Bridgewalkers:

  • Who is a Bridgewalker?
  • Their collective purpose
  • What does it mean to make your unique contribution?

Bridgewalkers' Tea


Listen to these candid, unfiltered conversations at the intersection of practical spirituality, systemic change and solo-preneurship. Teaching, healing and fun is guaranteed!

Available on your favorite podcast platform or at this link.

7 Chakra Webinar

7 Chakra Webinar


This 2-hour webinar recording is your introduction to: 

  • 7 Chakra system, 
  • What their original Sanskrit names teach us about various aspects of internal alignment
  • Practical actions you can take to start bringing each Chakra into balance

The teaching is inspiring, actionable, and free from cultural appropriation.

workshoP of the month

Fear of Being Seen

In this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Detect sneaky symptoms of your fear of being seen
  • Recognize where it originates
  • Know simple, practical actions you can take according to your energetic blueprint, to start healing it, and stop playing small

Thursday, May 12, 9:30 AM ET - 11:30 AM ET

(Recording available)