Yay! Your seat at the workshop is saved!


Please make sure your inbox is set to receive my emails so you don't miss out on all the juicy deets about preparation, follow-up resources, and the link to join live or the recording.

Step 1

Find my email to you

You have just received an email from me - Manasi Kakade. Find it. It will start with [Bridgewalker]. Don't forget to check "Promotions" or "Updates" folders.

Step 2

Clink the Confirmation

If I don't get your explicit consent to receive my emails, I can NOT and will not send you any emails including the link to join live or the recording.

Step 3

Set my emails to go in your primary INBOX

Unless you do this, my emails will most likely end up in your "Promotions" or "Updates" folder which is the #1 reason people don't come prepared for the workshop, forget to join live or miss out on the recording.