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    Look for the welcome email. Keep an eye out for a welcome email from Manasi Kakade. (You should receive it within 24 hours.) If you don't find it in your primary inbox, check your "Updates" or "Spam" folder.
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    Join the Facebook group for Bridgewalkers. If you haven't yet joined the free Facebook group for Bridgewalkers, then send the request to join. (Make sure you answer all 3 qualifying questions.) Thanks!)
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    Save the dates. We meet second Tuesday of every month from 5:00 -  6:15 PM ET (Boston Time). Save the dates on your calendar. See you soon!

Download Free Beginner's guide for Bridgewalkers

It answers the fundamental questions about Bridgewalkers.

  • Who is a Bridgewalker?
  • Their collective purpose (which is the basis of understanding your unique contribution)
  • What does it mean to make your unique contribution? (Ancient Indian Wisdom)