March 9, 2022

Are You Ignoring Your Hidden Resources?

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This 1 question will help you find and focus on your hidden resources.


When we focus on our resources, managing our struggles becomes easier. We recognize what we have going for us rather than feeling defeated, lost or broken.

But not all of our resources are bright and shiny. Some of our resources do their magic in the background.

So unless we cultivate the habit of noticing them, we may just forget they exist, and underestimate just how much they impact us.

I recently recognized one such resource in my life.

That sparked a question which has now become a tool for me to find out, and be appreciative of these hidden resources I have.

I share that story, and that question in the short video below. (If you have issues watching it on this webpage, you can watch it on TikTok here.)

I hope it serves as a reminder for you, too, to find, be grateful for, and focus on your own hidden resources. Enjoy!


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