September 12, 2023

In-Person Event in Maine, USA: Inner Child Healing With 7 Chakra

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Experience the power of collaboration of decolonized teaching & embodiment practices, where the spiritual & psychological converge.


Are you ready to heal your inner child, and express your true self freely?

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not good enough, not worthy enough, or not lovable enough, chances are you have some unresolved wounds from your childhood that are holding you back from living your full potential.

Wounding in childhood, makes us think it's not safe to be who we are, our needs are not worth expressing because they cost us the affection of our caregiver.

  • Maybe you grew up in a family or a culture that didn’t nurture your authentic expression, your creativity, or your spirituality. 
  • Maybe you experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect that made you feel unsafe, insecure, or ashamed.
  • Maybe you internalized the messages of a colonized society that told you to conform, to fit in, and to suppress your culture, gender, and your ways of expression.

Whatever the case may be, the same defense mechanisms that keep us protected in childhood, hold us back from expressing ourselves freely as adults.

You may wonder:

  • Why do I have 82 videos in draft and not a single one published?
  • I am so ready to get my first client. But what do I sell? So I keep googling, downloading webinars, and day-dreaming.
  • Why do I feel like I am being selfish if I set boundaries in my relationships for my own peace of mind?

The life you want to create is your expression. Expression doesn't just mean spoken or written communication. It includes your business, art, music, communication in personal & professional relationships, community leadership, and your inner peace. 

Your expression is directly related to how safe & confident you feel in being who we truly are.

That's why in order to liberate your expression as an adult, you must heal the wounds from childhood that are subconsciously making you feel insecure or not confident. You don't have to carry those burdens anymore.

How can you do that?

Join us for a half-day workshop that will teach you how to heal your inner child through the 7 Chakra, in a decolonized way.

What are the 7 Chakra?

The 7 Chakra system is an ancient blueprint of maximizing potential of a spirit living in a human form. It originated is Indian subcontinent. 

A Chakra is nothing but an archetypal energy that flows within us. There is no such thing as an open, closed or a blocked Chakra. Every energy shows up in our ways of being and doing. From external symptoms e.g. actions, emotions, thoughts, we can tell if the Chakra are in balance or out of balance.

A balanced system of 7 Chakra, liberates our expression. It shows us where & how we can expand into our true self aka heal. You feel healthy, happy, and harmonious.

An imbalanced Chakra, stifles our expression, keeps us stuck in our wounding and hence limits our potential. You may experience physical symptoms, emotional issues, or spiritual disconnection.

In this workshop, we will teach you:
  • How to identify and heal the wounds of your inner child that are affecting each of your 7 Chakra
  • External symptoms to detect which of the Chakra are in or out of balance
  • Practical, everyday actions that start bringing each of the Chakra in balance (This is way deeper than temporary energetic attunement.)
What does it look like to learn & heal 7 Chakra in a decolonized way?

It means you will learn it directly from a person whose culture this system originated in - India, a person who understands the cultural context, the worldview, and the language that is used in creating this system.

It means that the information you will receive is not watered down or whitewashed just to make it palatable for commercial usage.

You will learn original Sanskrit names of each of the Chakra and what they teach us about that archetypal energy. "Root" & "Crown" doesn't communicate the depth of information encoded in the names, "Mooladhara" & "Sahasrara".

It means that the space held for your healing, centers your marginalized identities (race, caste, sex, gender, physical ability) and challenges your privileged identities so you can heal from BOTH. 

It means that while we cannot promise comfort because healing can get uncomfortable, we promise sustainable expansion in a healthy, loving, supportive community and mentors. You will be loved, valued, and held while being gently challenged to expand.

It means we celebrate and affirm the inherent value, beauty, and resilience of those of us who have experienced oppression historically simply because of our identities of race, color, gender, ethnicity, and beyond. 

Do we stop at teaching about 7 Chakra?

This is the most exciting part of this event. I am teaming up with another magnificent healer, Melissa Kim Corter. She is gifted at merging her expertise in spirituality, psychology and embodiment practices.

One of Melissa's amazing gifts is using the power of myths & metaphors to retrieve the invisible gifts hidden in the depths of our psyche. And to make that experience healing and comforting.

We are going to collaborate, weaving in decolonized teachings about 7 Chakra with activities, embodiment practices, psychological reflections so that you don't just stop at aha moments and inspired ideas. 

We promise, you WILL embody at least one of those aha moments in your physical, mental, emotional and energetic layers so it becomes your new way of being for the rest of your life! 

So do come, and enjoy this experience.

How can you join this workshop?

This workshop is happening on Sunday, September 24, 2023 from 10 AM to 2 PM ET.

It will take place at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine, The USA. It is a creative, playful, funky art studio conducive for our inner child to come out and play freely. 🙂 

This is an intimate, 8-12 people group, communal learning & healing experience.

The fee is $250 per person. (This is a discounted rate for the first time we are conducting this workshop. We value the energy of the people coming together who are helping us create this workshop for them. $100 discount from the regular fee of $350 is our way of sending you gratitude.)

To register for this workshop, click the button below and save your seat.

Don’t miss this opportunity to heal your inner child with 7 Chakra, in a decolonized way and with embodiment practices. Space is limited, so registration is required.

Our workshops are filled with fun, open and honest sharing from participants, and inspiration. You cannot help but heal in such an experience. I hope you join.  

You will receive the details of the live event via email a few days before the event. (Please make sure the email you give while signing up doesn't have errors.)

Sign up now, and get ready for a transformational experience. We can’t wait to see you there!

Note: Please make sure our emails land in your primary inbox. We will send a couple of emails before the event to help you prepare so that you feel ready for the healing experience.

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