April 15, 2021

Event: Coffee and Cards with Melissa Kim Corter & Manasi Kakade

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Does your vision of a fun, joyful and easy business includes collaboration, not competition?


Mine sure does!

Corporate business and start-up world is so trained in thinking about competition, that when coaches, healers, artists start their businesses, they cannot help but think in those terms as well.

Early on in my business, I did it, too. But it never felt good or logical.

As coaches, healers, artists we are in the business of serving people through our talents and skills.

If we believe that each one of us is unique, that also means each one of us:

  • Has something unique to offer to the people we serve
  • We do it in their own unique way of being (meaning our Dharma)
  • The people whom we are meant to serve are attracted to that uniqueness, our energy

If I were to believe in all this (which I do, wholeheartedly, so much so that I teach people how to build businesses that expresses our uniqueness), competition becomes irrelevant.

Instead COLLABORATION makes a whole lot more sense.

If we are to grow as a community, as a collective, EACH one of us needs to bring to the table our unique talents, skills and ways of delivering them so we fill the gap that can ONLY be filled when we are expressing ourselves.

I have spent last 3 years building a business that's a unique expression of who I am. Self-awareness and self-mastery continues because it's a journey not a destination.

However, I have come to a point where I have enough clarity about myself that I am ready to play with others!

This year, you are going to see me collaborate with others a lot more frequently than I have in the past.

And I couldn't have asked for a better play partner to initiate this energy of collaboration.

Tomorrow, I will go live with my dear friend, an ally in action, a visionary Bridgewalker, best-selling author and Intuitive Coach, Melissa Kim Corter on her weekly show Coffee and Cards.

Coffee and Cards with Melissa Kim Corter and Manasi Kakade

Grab a cup or coffee or tea, and get some FREE Intuitive readings! Tarot or any kind of divination cards aren't really a common tool in my spiritual practice. But Melissa loves them!

So you can ask questions about business, life, self-mastery, Melissa will draw cards for you, and we will both share answers to your question based on out intuition and experience. It's sure to bring forth inspiration, message or healing for you.

Stories, laughter, and fun are a bonus because when we both get together, that's how we roll! 

Join us live on Melissa's Facebook Page or on Wild Woman Inc.'s Facebook Page.

When: Friday, April 16, 2021

Time: 11:11 AM Pacific Time (San Francisco Time)
2:11 PM ET (Boston Time)

See you there!

Reading this after the event is over? 

No problem! You can catch the replay hereSet an intention of what you want to receive from the replay, and be open to the insights and inspiration that's calling you. Enjoy!



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Download Free Beginner's guide for Bridgewalkers

It answers the fundamental questions about Bridgewalkers.

  • Who is a Bridgewalker?
  • Their collective purpose (which is the basis of understanding your unique contribution)
  • What does it mean to make your unique contribution? (Ancient Indian Wisdom)