Visionaries' Incubator

The key to creating a visionary business is bringing yourself in alignment with who you truly are. Your message, mission and money will emerge. I will teach you how.

Now accepting 1:1 mentorship students.


Your "Dharma", meaning your unique way of being, is your best contribution to our collective ascension.

The question is, are you letting it shine brightly through your business or are you playing small?

The answer is in the results of your business.

  • Your current business strategy has taken all the fun, ease and joy out of your soul's work or
  • You have a million ideas but see none of them to fruition because you don' know what to focus on
  • You are tired, burned-out, and feel lazy and uninspired
  • You get easily frustrated, irritated or bitter towards your family members
  • And despite all this effort, you aren't making money and still living below your standards

In short, the current state of your business doesn't match the impact that you know you are capable of making, and your current lifestyle doesn't match the potential you know you are here to live.

You may think that the problem is in your business strategy, and there may be some truth to it. But that's just a symptom of imbalance. The root cause is that you are not showing up in your business as a visionary that you know you are born to be. 

In order to create a visionary business, you must first hold the energy of being a visionary, and build a business strategy that aligns with that visionary within. Result? You you WILL find joy, ease, and abundance in your business while increasing your impact. 

How do you hold the energy of the visionary that you are? 

It's easier than you think. You can intentionally use business actions as tools for spiritual healing. 

Yes, You heard it right. 

Treat your business as a healing modality, raise your vibration through practical business actions, ad come in alignment with who you are. You will not only build a prosperous, joyful, impactful business but you will express your Dharma freely and unleash the leader, the visionary, the change-agent that the world needs at this crucial time in the ascension of our planet. 

How do you do this? 

Glad you asked because that's exactly what you will learn in Bridgewalker Visionaries' Incubator (BVI).


BVI is my mentorship program for coaches and healers who are building visionary businesses, and are fed up of trying out different strategies without making any progress.


It takes a journey to get clear on your message, and develop unshakable confidence in sharing it even when others disagree with you.

So don't hate marketing and sales. Use it to detect and heal any of your subconscious fears that are holding your back from speaking your truth.

When you take intentional actions with the goal of uncovering your message, and expressing it freely in a way that your ideal clients deeply resonate with, you will do just that.


Your soul's mission is your contribution to the big vision of the change you dream of in our world.

Instead of getting stuck not knowing how to bring that vision to life through practical actions, what if you bring focus into the smallest actions you can take right now?

One simple action will lead to the next one, and the next one. And when you can't take an action, that shows you are ready to heal some more and uplevel. Living your mission will be a byproduct of such deep healing combined with practical actions.


I know, you aren't in business just for money. Impact and service comes first. But if you aren't creating abundance in business, there's more at stake here than just material gain. 

Money is the same divine energy of abundance that flows through you and me. If we aren't valuing, respecting or attracting one form of abundance, where else are you not valuing your own magnificence?

Answers to these questions will heal you, and lead to you to owning your visionary status fully, and you WILL make the impact that you are born to make.

BVI is based on my signature "7 Chakra and Business System".

There are 8 modules designed around each of the Chakra, related business strategy and healing actions. The program takes 16 weeks to complete.


Module 1: Muladhara Chakra

Learn how to increase your productivity by embodying the energy of the divine masculine, heal stressful habits you have acquired because of the conditioning of the wounded masculine energy, and create sustainable structures that inspire flow, and actions that feel joyful and easy.


Module 2: Swadhishthana chakra

Learn how to embody the energy of the divine feminine, love yourself unconditionally just the way you are right now, develop a healthy money mindset, charge the prices that feel nourishing and quote them confidently in sales calls, and receive ideas, clients and money with ease.


Module 3: Manipura chakra

Learn how to detect which subconscious fears are holding you back from seeing and taking your next best action. It could be the fear of being seen, fear of failing, fear of success or even the fear of future or past. Learn how to heal your fears, be confident, and raise your vibration.


Module 4: Anahata chakra

Learn how to put together the jigsaw puzzle that is your Dharma, be vigilant of what is and what isn't in alignment with your Dharma including the pieces of your business strategy and clients you are attracting, and then learn to create products, services and business model that are so much an essence of who you are that your ideal clients will be grateful you created them and will jump to buy them.


Module 5: Vishuddha chakra

Learn how to get clear on what your message is, how to share it confidently, and how to build a personal brand around it. Don't hate marketing and sales, make it easy and fun by making it your vehicle to share your story and spread your message.


Module 6: Adnya (Ajna) chakra

Learn your preferred ways of accessing your intuition, and how to trust your intuition and tap into it on demand. How would you like to get crystal clear on your next specific action as you are finishing your current inspired action? Don't wait for a spark of inspiration to dawn on you, access it on demand, and see your business strategy and abundance unfold.


Module 7: Sahasrara chakra

Create a clear picture of the vision of a more loving and kinder world that makes you want to succeed in your business massively. This is why your ideal clients want to make a contribution to your business. Get clear on this vision, and use it as a driving force to stay crystal clear in your direction and motivated and resilient through tough times.


Module 8: Integration

We started with a small action, and have built it all the way to a big vision. A lot of healing happens in the process so in this module, we learn how to go from your new, ambitious, inspired vision all the way into practical actions. You will learn how to thrive in this cycle of actions-healing-bigger and better actions as a lifestyle, and not just a 16 week burst of upleveling. That's your new normal now, get ready for it. :)

Are you excited to learn such a holistic approach to building your soul's work?

Are you finally ready to take charge of creating your success your way?

Then join me inside BVI. I invite you to apply below. Let's see if we are a good fit to work together.

Private 1:1

Meet with me privately

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  • Immediate start
  • 50 minutes every week
  • 16 meetings total

Self-study + Meet with me in a group setting

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  • Start with the next batch
  • 15 minutes reserved for you every other week at live Q&A
  • 8 total live Q&As during BVI
Private 1:1

Meet with me privately

4 Payments of US $



  • Immediate start
  • 50 minutes every week
  • 16 meetings

Self-study + Meet with me in a group setting

3 Payments of US $



  • Start with the next batch
  • 15 minutes reserved for you every other week at live Q&A
  • 8 live Q&As during BVI

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to be a coach / healer but I don't have a business yet. Can I still participate in BVI? 

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Bridgewalker visionaries,

it's time to rise!

You know you are born with a mission.
You have a message to share.

And you feel the urgency to really align with who you are so you stop playing small in your business.

It's time to stand out, speak your truth, and share your message with confidence. Let your business be a vehicle of healing for others, and may you heal in the process of building such a loving and powerful business. 

It will be my honor and delight to get behind your visionary business, and witness your healing as you shatter your upper limits, and confidently redefine what's possible for you and for our planet.


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