Visionaries' Incubator

1:1 Mentorship with Manasi

You are out there taking care of the world. 
Who's taking care of YOU?

Bridgewalker Visionaries' Incubator

1:1 Mentorship with Manasi Kakade

You are out there healing and changing the world.
Who's taking care of YOU?

Being a visionary that our world needs right now, takes an unshakable internal foundation. 

  • Fighting for systemic change is not for the faint of the heart.
  • Holding an expansive space for our own transformation, and that of our clients and audience requires tremendous energetic strength.
  • Modeling more loving ways of being and doing requires constant intention.

And all of this becomes your natural way of being when you anchor into your truth, see your own value, and freely express who you are born to be.

Contrary to what the world of solo-preneurship may make you think...

Your business isn't broken.

There isn't anything wrong with you.

YOU do NOT need fixing.

In fact, exactly the opposite.

YOU are complete, and whole to begin with. You simply need to recognize it, and then operate from that acknowledgement of your true, inner power.

Learn to choose business strategies that express you rather than suppress you, and nourish you rather than drain your energy.

That's called ALIGNMENT.

When you recognize your own inner power...

When you create a business that is in alignment with that power...

Your business actions become a healing modality.

They help you detect, where you are not in alignment with your inherent power, and give you practical, simple choices to bring yourself back to your center.

Love, abundance and ease that shows up in your business is simply a byproduct of love, abundance and ease you see within yourself.

Again, let me restate. You aren't broken. You don't need fixing. 

You simply need support, love and practical guidance as you come back to your whole, complete self.

That's exactly the support, love and practical guidance you will receive in BVI.

This process of returning to who we are is called "healing". 

It feels more like an expansion into who we are..

Practically, it's an alignment with who you are.

I will teach you how to create that alignment - internally - by using simple, practical, business actions as a healing modality.

You are out there taking care of the world.

Who's taking care of you?

Let this container of BVI hold you, ground you, and anchor you in your truth, so you feel safe and free to fly as high as you have always known to be possible for you.

Welcome to BVI - Bridgewalker Visionaries' Incubator.

A loving, healing and empowering 1:1 mentorship experience with Manasi.

BVI is a place where Bridgewalker coaches, healers, artists and authors come to learn how to build an unshakable internal foundation based on their 7 Chakra. In BVI, visionaries and change-makers receive support, nourishment and practical guidance on anchoring in their Dharma, meaning their unique way of being, so they don't waver from their soul's mission.


"Dharma" is a Sanskrit word that means one's unique way of being. It's a complex mixture of energies which when flow in balance make you one-of-a-kind expression of divinity. The visionaries we need, aren't the ones that separate business and the person, but the ones that let their Dharma lead their business.


Your message isn't just a marketing tool. It's your complex Dharma packaged as simple words.

Your message is, Vishuddha (especially pure) expression of your Dharma.

When your Vishuddha Chakra flows in balance, the words of your message flow, and inspire those whom you are meant to serve.


Your business isn't your mission.

You being YOU is your mission. That's your biggest contribution to the planet. Business is simply your chosen vehicle to express that.

Let your Dharma lead your business, and see the joy, fulfillment and liberation it brings.


Making money is one thing but creating wealth, abundance and prosperity, WITH ease and flow, WITHOUT compromising your ethics and values, IN ALIGNMENT with your Dharma...

Now that's the real adventure. It's a fast track to self-mastery.

What BVI participant says

Rose Pudzis

Founder of "The Psychic Salon"

Manasi is pure magic! Before I went through BVI, I was feeling lost and very disconnected from my purpose in life. I was exhausted all the time trying to work harder to be successful. 

Manasi was able to see who I was when I couldn’t, and she taught me how to start valuing and prioritizing myself.

Now, after going through BVI, I feel like I found my inner North Star and am able to trust my intuition. My energy levels have completely shifted and I understand what it is to live my true expression in life!

BVI is based on my signature "7 Chakra and Business System".

BVI takes place over 16 weeks. We focus 2 weeks on each Chakra, and last 2 weeks on learning how to integrate all 7 archetypal energies. Each 2 week period begins with a learning module. There are 8 modules total.


Module 1: Muladhara Chakra

Learn how to increase your productivity by embodying the Shiva energy, heal stressful habits you have acquired because of the conditioning of the wounded masculine energy, and create sustainable structures that inspire flow, and actions that feel joyful and easy.


Module 2: Swadhishthana chakra

Learn how to embody the Shakti energy, love yourself unconditionally just the way you are right now, develop a healthy money mindset, charge the prices that feel nourishing and quote them confidently in sales calls, and receive ideas, clients and money with ease.


Module 3: Manipura chakra

Learn how to detect the subconscious fears that are holding you back from seeing and taking your next best action. It could be the fear of being seen, fear of failing, fear of success or even the fear of future or repeating past mistakes. Learn how to heal your fears, be confident, and raise your vibration.


Module 4: Anahata chakra

Learn how to put together the jigsaw puzzle that is your Dharma, be vigilant of what is and what isn't in alignment with your Dharma including the pieces of your business strategy and clients you are attracting, and then learn to create products, services and business model that are so much an essence of who you are that your soulmate clients will be grateful you created them and will jump to buy them.


Module 5: Vishuddha chakra

Heal what's getting in the way of you and your iconic expression. Learn how to get clear on your visionary message, start sharing it confidently, and build a personal brand around it. Don't hate marketing and sales, make it easy and fun by making it your vehicle to share your story and spread your message.


Module 6: Adnya chakra

Learn your preferred ways of accessing your intuition, and how to trust and tap into it on demand through methods like channeling. How would you like to get crystal clear on your next best aligned action as you are finishing your current inspired action? Don't wait for a spark of inspiration to dawn on you, access it on demand, and see your business strategy and abundance unfold.


Module 7: Sahasrara chakra

Understand the big picture trajectory of your own life, and get clear on how your personal vision accelerates our collective effort to build a more loving and kinder world. Use it as a driving force to stay focused, resilient and motivated in your entrepreneurial adventure.  


Module 8: Integration

We started with a small action, and have built it all the way to a big vision. A lot of healing happens in the process so in this module, we learn how to go from your new, ambitious, inspired vision all the way into practical actions. You will learn how to thrive in this cycle of actions-healing-bigger and better actions as a lifestyle, and not just a 16 week burst of upleveling. That's your new normal now, get ready for it. :)

What BVI Participants Say about the System Itself

Watch these candid, spontaneous responses from BVI participants, that happened to be recorded because these were during bonus group calls.

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What you get in the BVI Container

Every participant experiences BVI differently. The structure of the container is a vehicle to create that custom experience of expansion. 

In-depth videos on 7 Chakra

There are 8 modules (released biweekly) - one for each Chakra and the last one on integration of all 7 Chakra. 

Each module has videos of channeled wisdom - tried, tested, and modified as needed through real life experience of me and my past clients.

The teachings make the Chakra wisdom practical and accessible.

They also take into account the lived experience of systemic oppression and marginalization rather than bypassing it. 

And the best part, you can watch them as many times as you want, pause, rewind, take notes. BVI peeps tell me they hear new insights every time.

Weekly 1:1 time with Manasi

We meet every week 1:1, for 50 minutes to customize the teachings specifically for you and your business.

You are experimenting, practicing what you are learning. Bring your questions, wins, challenges to the call. I am here to guide you, and reflect your truth back to you.

And hey, I have a gift of translating energy into words. So often, I answer the questions that you don't even know how to ask yet.

"Why" behind business strategies

You will learn 4 pillars of a solo-preneurs business strategy, and why and how they relate to 7 Chakra. e.g. Pricing and Swadhishthana Chakra, Sales and Vishuddha Chakra, Products and Anahata Chakra

When you know the "why" behind a business strategy, you will confidently choose the ones that allow you to operate in your "Zone of Genius" (Term coined by Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap), and declutter those that are draining you, without second-guessing yourself. 

Focus and simplification bring liberation to your business.

Chakra Toolkit PDFs

As you go through BVI, you will start noticing which simple actions help you get your particular Chakra (aka that archetypal energy) flowing in balance, and which throw them off balance. 

The list of simple, balancing actions that work for you makes your own  go-to, healing Toolkit for each Chakra. 

But don't worry. You will receive a sample PDF Toolkit for each Chakra to give you ideas to try out, and make them your own.

Surprise gifts!

Words of affirmation is my first love language. You get that everywhere in BVI because its whole purpose is to reflect your truth back to you.

My second love language is gifts. Guess what? You are getting those in BVI. They arrive in mail, as bonus trainings, impromptu get-togethers - whatever feels fun in the moment.

Healing & expansive space

Coaching industry is rampant with spaces that induce wounds and trigger trauma.

This happens through oppressive business process, treating clients as just means to a revenue goal, and of course, through cultural appropriation and spiritual bypassing.

Not here!

Here, you will be seen, heard, loved, respected and valued for who you are, just the way you are, and the cultural, ancestral, and experiential wisdom you bring with you.

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What BVI participants say

Emi Komatsu

Children's Books Writer and Illustrator

I believe I am born with my gifts for a reason and I must use them. I just didn't know how. I knew something needed to change soon because I was burned out, feeling tired and lazy, uninspired and easily agitated. I wasn't making much money and living below my standards.

In BVI, I understood my own energy flow, and what stops me and how to fix it. I started trusting my intuition, my decisions. I became comfortable with who I am, and dreaming big, wanting more in business and life. I feel centered and liberated.

I confidently released toxic relationships, created financial support without compromising my creativity time, and I will soon publish a series of children's books written and illustrated by me. 

Marybeth Jenkins

Intuitive Mentor for Artists

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"Label me to  see me.

Unlabel me to know me."

The philosophy of the Bridgewalkers Collective cannot be more aptly said than through the above quote by UnLabelMe.

Let's talk about systemic privilege and marginalization

A person's identity is not a 1-0 type of computer language but an intersection of a variety of identities. It’s a complex mixture of lived experiences. 

I seem to attract people who simultaneously hold some identities that are historically privileged, and some identities that are historically marginalized. I am such a person myself.

BVI, and Bridgewalkers Collective aka my business, events and community is a safe, welcoming and healthy place for our marginalized identities.

It is also a place where questioning, challenging, and educating our privileged identities is a requirement.

We prioritize healing our internalized marginalization and seeing our own value despite the wounding messages we receive, and make use of our privileges in different systems to bring equity rather feeling shame or guilt about having that privilege. 

True liberation of our souls cannot happen without such healing. And the best potential of a community cannot be reached without such equity. 

There is a clear Code of Conduct for a member of BVI and my other service offerings, that you MUST abide by to begin and continue your participation. You can read it in advance here. You will need to sign it should you decide to be a part of BVI. 

In short, BVI and my entire business is first and foremost a place of love, compassion (not saviorism) and empowerment in action.

No hate will be tolerated.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to be a coach / healer but I don't have a business yet. May I still participate in BVI? 

I just know I have a message deep within me. But I am looking for direction in finding my true gift. Will BVI help?

I am a speaker / author / artist. Is BVI right for me?

I have a business that has a physical storefront. Will BVI help me?

Do I get to meet other BVI participants?

What should I expect after I apply?

Do we start working together as soon as I join?

I have heard you mention Human Design and Astrology. How deep do you go into it?

How much do you charge for BVI?

What's the duration of BVI?

Bridgewalker visionaries, it's time to ground deeper and rise higher.

You know you are born with a mission.
You have a message to share.

Your message, your soul's mission, your creative expression in business are your instruments for healing our planet.

These tools are a part of who YOU are!

It's time to get so deeply grounded in your Dharma, that no storm - external or internal - can shake you from your core.  

It will be my honor and delight to get behind your vision of a better world, your business as a vehicle to bring that healing, and in the process, liberate your soul.