June 18, 2021

Your Business Strategies Are Your Expression. Are Yours Showing Your Truth?

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Are you imprisoned in implementing unaligned business strategies because that's what you think would make your business profitable?


Recently, somebody sent me messages on Facebook that at first, I was happy to receive because I thought they are genuinely checking in with me. 

But when their response came back with a specific follow-up question, I sensed the energy of them checking in, not out of the curiosity of my well-being but to see if I am facing the issues they can solve as a coach. So basically they are scanning to find potential clients in their friends list. 

I love the person but lord, this is a turn-off.

Moreover, these kind of sneaky ways are taught under the name of business strategies, and people feel that’s what they need to do to get clients. 

These sneaky ways, the hidden agenda energies wrapped in caring words and niceties, is what turns off many, MANY coaches and healers (especially intuitive and empathic ones). We sense it, we blame it on marketing and selling, and eventually we end up hating the marketing and selling itself - the act that has a potential to be a scared act.

People, let me just tell you, plain and simple:

Marketing and selling are not at fault here. 

The users are.

The teachers are. 

Marketing and selling are just the tools. You get to decide how to use it.

And do NOT believe anybody who says you must do it a certain way in order to be successful. You must do it YOUR way to be successful. 

If the tools, strategies feel yucky to you, you do NOT have to implement those. Even better, you need not implement those because it’s NOT going to create sustainable success for you. Sustainable success includes not just money but your own sanity, joy, peace of mind, and sense of internal balance. 

Photo of a woman named Manasi wearing an animal print coat standing in front of a wall with bright colored graffiti that depicts an Indian woman dancing and peacock feathers

When business actions are unaligned, not only your clients, potential clients and audience will sense the lack of integrity, YOU sense it, too. And if you still follow it, it’s a subtle way of harming your soul by sending it a message that who you are isn’t good enough to generate the type of success you want. 

And THAT message is simply not true. You are slowly but surely instilling a lie in your body. 

This lie creeps up as self-doubt, lack of self-worth, subconscious fears (e.g. fear of failing, fear of being seen for who you truly are), and confusion around your products because you just don’t trust who you are. 

I can go on and on.

The point is, people are sensing this misalignment, lack of integrity with who you are.

You sense it in others, and you sense it in your own business as well.

And more than ever before your potential clients are willing to make their choices based on what they are sensing vs. what your sales page claims in words. 

So as a coach, healer, artist, author, speaker - YOU have a choice.

WE have a choice.

We can choose to follow unaligned business strategies our of scarcity, or we can choose our truth and reflect it through our business strategies and their implementation.  

The universe happily supports you expressing your truth. That means you do NOT have to compromise who you are just to make a quick buck. You can and WILL create success doing business YOUR way. 

You can define your own success to include your own integrity, alignment, joy as well as profit. And you CAN create it just by being you. 

That’s the pure expression of your Dharma the universe wants and will support because those are the times we have headed into.

These tools can be used in any way you want.

A particular act in and of itself is neutral. The energy behind it is what matters.


  • ...hate marketing and sales. 
  • ...perpetuate harm to others and to your own soul through it.
  • ...give your power away to a strategy taught by somebody just because it worked for them. 


  • Learn your own unique way of being and doing.
  • Align with your own energy.
  • Then be true it in every aspect, every moment of your life - including your business.

It’s that Vishuddha (Sanskrit word that means 'Especially pure') expression of who you are that is contagious, worth paying for and inspiring. 

That’s what people want from you (and benefit from) no matter what they think they are buying from you. No matter what you think you are selling them.

Your Vishuddha Chakra - the pure expression of alignment - when expressed through acts of marketing and selling, make these activities sacred and healing - for your clients, audience and YOU.

The business becomes a LOT more nourishing, sustainable and monetarily profitable with ease that way. 

Do YOU want to learn how to use your business actions as a healing modality and align with who you are?

Do you WANT TO create a visionary business that's liberating your truth and redefining how the business should be done? 

Then I invite you to apply to work with me one-on-one through my mentoship program Bridgewalker Visionaries' Incubator (BVI).


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