April 27, 2021

Money Mindset, Internal Balance & Business Transformation

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What I wrote in my journal in January 2018, and how it transformed my business.


"Invest in money mindset so that I can work / create for joy, not for money."

I found this note I had written in my journal in January 2018. 

Last night or early this morning (depending on where on the planet you are) was a Full Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio represents archetypal energy of death and rebirth. 

For something new to be born, you MUST first release, let go off something old that's no longer aligned with you. That letting go is the "death" we are talking about. 

Yesterday, as I sat down, quieted my mind to reflect on what parts of me need to be released and what I have created that I need to be grateful for, I got a hunch to look at an old journal from January 2018. That's when I came across this note I had made in it.

"Invest in money mindset so that I can work / create for joy, not for money." 

It was a little over a year into my business at the time.

I had recently learned the term "Money Mindset". I instantly knew, I had money mindset issues. 

On the surface, my issue was that I was too attached to money and found it difficult to spend aka letting go of money. No matter how much I earned, I didn't feel secure in what I held in a bank account. 

So I kept chasing more money, even if that meant 12-14 hour work days. I had this limiting belief that in order to make more money, I must work more. 

But one year into the business like that and it had started taking its toll.

I was getting some results, but I was losing something much more valuable - I had started feeling disconnected from my joy, my spirit. 

I was secretly thinking to myself. "There's GOT to be a better way of doing this. I cannot possibly sustain life (or business for that matter) like this."

At first I tried all kinds of business strategies. But all the business advice, wasn't working for me. 

Mind you, I have an MBA. I understand and enjoy learning about business. And yet, the business strategy that was rock-solid on paper, was leaving something more to be desired.

At that time, I didn't understand what "Energy" meant. Forget understanding Chakra imbalances.

But I knew, in some vague notion, that the answer to my problems is NOT in a business strategy. Something deeper is not working as it should, and that needs to change. 

Image of a journal with pencils

Now look at this next sentence I had written after this note. 

"Invest in money mindset so that I can work / create for joy, not for money. That may even give me freedom to speak my truth because no money is attached to it."

Bam! This is it!

I didn't need to understand energy to realize the money mindset issue, feeling disconnected from my joy, and me feeling stifled in my expression were all linked. I didn't know exactly how or why, but I had a feeling that they are. 

The freedom loving me, REALLY wants to feel free in every situation. But when I wasn't expressing my truth, I was feeling trapped, which was causing me to lose connection with joy, fulfillment, happiness, and impact that I knew I am capable of making. 

The funny thing is, I thought I had to hide who I am truly am, and fit in the mainstream world of how business is currently done if I were to make money. (Another limiting belief)

  • I was hiding in a spiritual closet. Forget including it in my products.
  • I was editing what I say because I was afraid "What would others think of me?"
  • I was hiding behind the screen because I was literally uncomfortable showing myself in the photos or videos. I just didn't like it. 

On the surface: 

  • I was working way too hard to make some money.
  • I was feeling disconnected from my joy.
  • I wasn't consistent in creating content because it didn't feel fun. 

These were just some of the business symptoms that were trying to tell me the root cause of the problem. The root cause was the lack of free, pure expression of who I truly am. As a result of this internal imbalance, my soul was suffocating.  

There wasn't enough of "ME" in my words, my products, my business practices, my branding and my business model.

What I was craving was the liberation of my soul

Fast forward to April 2021.

I am sitting here, writing this post, and reflecting on my current situation. It's like I am living in a whole new reality that only 3 years ago seemed so far away that I couldn't even imagine it as a potential available to me. 

  • These days, I create ONLY for joy! Even when I am addressing painful systemic issues, speaking up about them is my joy.
  • I am always connected to my intuition, flow and the spirit so I channel my content with ease, have access to inspiration on demand.
  • I enjoy sharing my photos, and absolutely LOVE teaching on videos or holding virtual events just as much as I love in-person speeches. (Check out my workshops if you haven't already. They have been on fire!)
  • I end up making more money (way more) by working less (way less! Only 4 hours a workday.) I spend the rest of my day in spiritual practice, creative exploration, learning and taking care of my body and mind. 
  • And the best part, my business is now an expression of who I am. My essence is EVERYWHERE in my products, pricing, business model (which is social impact driven), and of course, branding. That's what makes my business unique and visionary. It brings me clients and audience of Bridgewalkers who are literally changing the ways of the world, and are a sheer force to reckon with. Not to mention, FUN to work with!

If you have a coaching, healing, artist type of business, it cannot help but flourish, when YOU infuse your Dharma (Your unique way of being) in every aspect it.  

In order to infuse your essence in your business, you MUST first uncover who YOU are, and align with it.

Your connection and alignment with your own UNIQUE ENERGY is YOUR biggest gift to the world. Bonus? It's also the fastest ticket to joy and abundance. 

In Bridgewalker Visionaries' Incubator (BVI) - my 1:1 mentorship experience for Bridgewalker coaches, healers and artists - I teach how to connect and align with your Dharma through the mastery of 7 Chakra so that you become a visionary you are born to be.  

No matter what your symptoms of imbalance are, at their core there are 7 archetypal energies, called 7 Chakra.

I teach you: 

  • How to recognize which symptoms indicate which Chakra imbalance
  • How to heal the root cause through simple, practical business actions
  • And then how to express your aligned self through your visionary business

And I teach it in a way that is deeply rooted in ancient Indian wisdom and not some culturally appropriated, superficial version of it which you find the West or the corrupt versions that are steeped in religious and patriarchal dogma which you often find in modern day India. 

And we make that ancient wisdom practical so that it doesn't just remain an abstract concept.

So here's my invite to you:

If you want to uncover, connect and align with your magnificent uniqueness, and open the floodgates of joy, abundance and ease in your business, I invite you to join BVI. 

We will start working together in May 2021.

So apply NOW.

I can't wait to support you in releasing of the old patterns so that you can birth the new ones that LIBERATE YOUR SOUL!


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