July 4

14. Pluto Return of the USA with Astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox

July 2022 is the Pluto Return of the USA. What is it reflecting about the systemic issues and current events in the USA?


Do I have a treat for you, Bridgewalker!

My go-to astrologer for Western Astrology and an Ambassador for Conscious Embodiment, Dr. Michael Lennox, has joined me in this episode to discuss / teach about Pluto Return of the USA.

Join us in this intriguing episode to understand:

  • What a Pluto Return is, and what it's reflecting about the systemic issues and current events in the USA (and as a ripple effect, worldwide)
  • What do the other planetary placements say about the potential of the USA (Fun astrology!)
  • What you - as a Bridgewalker - can do to make your unique contribution to shaping the future (Hint: There's hope!)

No matter which country you live in, we are all connected. Our current systemic issues and our futures are connected. So this discussion will be enlightening for anybody in any country who is on the path of contributing to collective ascension through personal expression, creativity and healing.

Listen to the episode above or on your favorite podcast app.

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Links mentioned in the episode:

The poem about Statue of Liberty that Dr. Michael referred to is "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus

Prefer a visual experience? Watch below.

Shout out to our talented audio editor and musician, Daryl Cura. Check out his music creations here.

Now enjoy the tea!



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