Bridgewalkers Club

A virtual place to connect with other Bridgewalkers, discuss cutting-edge ideas, and go home inspired to take action towards your business and/or causes.

Bridgewalkers Rising

We are accpting new members. We invite you to join us. 

There is power in a community.

When you see other people like you exploring their potential, you get new ideas on what’s possible for you.
When you interact with others like you, you get clear on what you stand for.
When you appreciate strengths in others like you, you notice and value those aspects of your own self.

The result?

Endurance for the expression of your Dharma.

Dharma is your unique way of being. It’s what makes you special. You are here to figure out what that is, and how you can express it freely.

THAT is your contribution to the world.
THAT is why you are born.
THAT is how you will bring the change that you want to see around you.

But this exploration isn’t easy. It takes endurance to keep going:
- EVEN when you cannot see the whole path in front of you
- EVEN when you are scared of taking your next step
- EVEN when you doubt your ability to make it happen

That’s where the power of community comes in.

Your community is your support system. It sees you. It helps you. It builds you up.  

Bridgewalkers Club is such a community.

We meet once a month via online video conference. Thoughtful discussions, learning, and sharing are an integral part of every single meeting.

You will leave every meeting saying, “I got this. I can do this.”

This feeling can come from:

- An inspiration to try something new
- Getting a confirmation on that idea lingering in your head
- Having that aha moment which helps you get unstuck
- Finding the courage to act
- Feeling that you are not alone on this path

When you feel, “I got this. I can do this”, you actually CAN.

Feeling this way, month after month, year after year IS the definition of endurance.

And when it becomes a regular part of your life, nothing, I mean absolutely NOTHING, can stop you from exploring, uncovering, and expressing your Dharma.

The only question now is this:

Do you want to be a member of such a community?

If your answer is, “YES, please!” click the button below to join Bridgewalkers Club. 

What to expect:


- Once a month

- Second Tuesdays, 5-6:15 PM ET

- Online video conference


- Themed meetings

- Members take turns to be a presenter
- Followed by free flow discussion


- US $20 / month

- Membership opens only a certain times a year, just for a couple of days

You have a unique opportunity as an early adopter. 

You get to shape the future of this community. 

Yes, I have a vision for it as a founder. But we are going to learn as we go. We will together make this a place like none other - just for Bridgewalkers to recharge, relax, and energize. 

As an early adopter member, you have an historic opportunity to contribute to this movement. In the next decades as more and more Bridgewalkers rise up to playing their role in the transformation of our planet, you will look back at how you were the first ones to ride the wave, and lead through your ideas, thoughts, and vision. 

It will be an honor to have you as a partner in building the Bridgewalkers Club.


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