Are you a Bridgewalker?

A Bridgewalker is a person who has the ability to bridge the gap between the spiritual world and the human existence. These are usually analytical, critical thinkers who are also fascinated by all things spiritual, divine or "woo-woo".

​Quite possibly you have been in a career or a business that requires you to ask questions, use your analytical skills. And you have most likely created a stable work and life environment using those skills. (Just in our Bridgewalkers' ​group on Facebook, we have engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, professors, managers, writers, speakers, artists and many other professions represented.)

But there is another side of you, that’s probably hidden. You crave to find meaning in your work and life. There are some things you just know intuitively to be true, but you may not have ever expressed that out loud because the analytical side of you worries "What would others think?" Or you expressed it, and your friends ridiculed you or were shocked at how YOU out of all the people can believe this.

But here's the thing:

These 2 seemingly contradictory sides of you are EXACTLY what makes you special. And when you learn how to merge the 2, you WILL experience the freedom, fun, and fulfillment that your soul craves. 

I am a Bridgewalker and it took me a lot of time, self-awareness, and overcoming my own judgement of who I should be, to merge these 2 sides of me. When I did, I felt liberated, and actually started using my "woo" gifts to ​excel in business and life.

Ever since then, I have seen so many closeted Bridgewalkers who are:

- hiding their woo gifts out of judgement or
- not accessing them because of fear or
- haven’t yet explored beyond Sunsigns and meditation because of lack of awareness of what’s possible for them

As a Bridgewalker, you have a unique gift of creating systems and structures that get things done while bringing a loving, soulful approach into that work. 

We are all seeing how the age old systems are falling apart right in front of our eyes - politics, organized religion, corporate greed.

It’s time for the Bridgewalkers to step up, and
lead the change to collectively bring more soul into systems.  

Your Purpose

You are a leader! You may not have seen that potential in you yet or you may even be scared of it.

But you are here to bring more soul into systems, and lead our world into a more compassionate, loving existence.

What does that look like for you as an individual?
Bring more joy, fun, and flow in whatever you do in life and through your work. That’s it!

Show the world that:
It’s possible to call in the prosperity and abundance through joyful ways.
It’s possible to get ambitious results while having fun.
It’s possible to create the life you want by helping others build the life they want.

Your Roadmap

How do you ​start living your purpose?
1. Uncover your Dharma - (Dharma is a Sanskrit word that roughly means "The essence of your soul" or your "Unique way of being")
2. Express your Dharma with confidence​ through your work (HINT: Corporate world isn't yet ready for your gifts. You get to create your own work. That's why entrepreneurship is your best option.)

And that's what I help you do - through my classes, online and in-person events, and speeches. :)

​When each of us does our small part, collectively we Bridgewalkers become the architects of the new systems and structures that are for the good of us all, and not just for the benefit of the few.

Your ​Next Steps

​Understand what stage of a Bridgewalker's journey are you in. There is a 7-minute quiz I have created for you. Take it below.

There are 5 stages that take you on a journey to ​uncover who you are, learn to express that fully and freely, and then become the leader you are born to be. The quiz results come with a PDF with practical, actionable steps that will move you forward, faster on this journey.

Start with that. :)


It's not the time to hide. It's the time to shine!

Do you want to be a part of the Bridgewalkers' movement?

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