7 Chakra and Business ​Challenge

​​​10-day ​kick-start for Bridgewalker visionaries to ​heal yourself and your business

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​​The start date ​of ​next challenge ​​will be announced here when it's open for enrollment. 

​​Do you see any of these symptoms in your coaching, consulting or healing business?

- You feel overwhelmed with ideas or have no idea what actions you need to take next.
- You have a mile long to-do list, and yet none of those items make you feel joyful. You feel burned out, uninspired, and stressed.
- You get a spark of inspiration, and then when you go to implement it, you get stuck - in fear, lack of confidence or perfection.
- You are quite intuitive, but when it comes to the business strategy you seem to be lost in countless freebies, PDFs and webinars.
- You are hiding in your comfort zone - not starting the business you want, not creating the products you really want to create, and not sharing the stories you really want to share.
- You are not attracting a consistent flow of soulmate clients, money, and ideas that light you up.
- You don't speak your truth worrying what your friends will think of you. You are not showing up on videos, in photos or in social media posts excited to share your message.

In short, you aren't creating the business (and success) you desire because of the lack of clarity, confidence or courage. 

​If you are facing any of these symptoms, let me be the first to say, "You are NOT alone". I have faced each and every one of these struggles AND more. And I see these patterns in my clients as well.

But struggles don't have to mean suffering. Your struggles in business are valuable symptoms of understanding where you need healing.  

​Such healing will show you what your Dharma is. Your Dharma means your unique way of being. This is the way you express your divinity.

So how do you go from business struggles, to healing to uncovering your Dharma?

​That's where the ancient Indian system of 7 Chakra comes into play. 

Each of these Chakra represents an energy archetype that we as humans can embody.
e.g. Archetype of action, Archetype of self-worth.

When we learn to embody these energies ​through our perspectives, decisions, and actions, we cannot help but see the value of who we are, and what's possible for us.

This challenge will kick-start this journey of seeing your own value ​by healing your chakra through business actions.

Are you ready for this? Then join now.

​​How spiritual healing leads to business actions?

​Hello, I am Manasi Kakade.

I am a healer. But not the kind you would think.

I heal who you think you are, and what you think is possible for you.

My modality of choice is “actions”. I shift your perspectives, inspire you to make new decisions, and give you the confidence to take the actions that change your identity.


You become the visionary, thought-leader, change-agent that you are born to be, through your business.

Your business becomes a free expression of your powerful self.
It creates impact.
It generates wealth.
And it gives you unshakable confidence in the work you are here to do on the planet.

​I invite you to start this healing journey through business actions via this challenge. See you there!


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