Solopreneurship Mentor
for Bridgewalkers

Your business isn't just a business.

It's a tool.

​- to express your Dharma
- to heal your spirit
​- to lead through your message

Are you ready to become the leader you are born to be?

Are you a Bridgewalker?

A Bridgewalker is an analytical, critical thinker who is also fascinated by all things spiritual, divine or woo-woo. We Bridgewalkers have a natural ability to "Bridge" the spiritual and materialistic worlds.

You are here on the Earth right now to bring soul into systems. Look around you. Our age old systems are crumbling down. You are the ones to usher in the new. That's why you are the leaders that the world needs.


You are born to be a changemaker, a leader. ​Express your Dharma! ​

​What is Dharma?

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates as your "unique way of being". 

How does Dharma relate to your business? 

Watch the video to find out.



I am Manasi Kakade.

I am a Bridgewalker. 

​I am an engineer, turned marketer, turned teacher and speaker. 

​​I teach Bridgewalker entrepreneurs how to be leaders and change-makers by expressing their Dharma through their business.

​It took me 14 years of intentional experimentation to get the clarity around my Dharma, and confidence and courage to express it.

Now, you have me to help you get there faster, MUCH faster.

My work is  my prayer.
Manasi Kakade

​​Ready to become the leader you are born to be? 

I see the potential in you that you don't yet see in yourself. 

​Through my teachings, systems and tools, I inspire the confidence in you to dream of it, reach for it, and achieve it. 

I change who you think you are so that you become who you really are (and want to be).

And all this while having fun!

​​Click below to explore how you can work with me.

​With Manasi, I can work directly from my heart and not just my intellect, and be heard and respected.


Manasi doesn’t just teach, she gives simple and clear action items which makes the progress so much easier and faster.


The classes are helping me find the real happiness, strength and core values. It feels like taking control of your situation and being more confident about yourself.


​Entrepreneurship is a tool for  self-discovery and  self-expression.

​Want to be a part of the Bridgewalkers' movement?

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