Are you a Bridgewalker?

I teach Bridgewalker coaches, healers, artists and authors how to create an unshakable internal foundation that leaders need to deliver their visionary message and mission with focus, resilience and enthusiasm.

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Are you a Bridgewalker?

I teach Bridgewalker coaches, healers, artists and authors how to create an unshakable internal foundation that leaders need to deliver their visionary message and mission with focus, resilience and enthusiasm.

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bridgewalker visionaries' incubator (BVI)

BVI is for coaches, healers, artists of the new paradigm who want to create business success through self-mastery of 7 Chakra.


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Who is a Bridgewalker?

Bridgewalkers are analytical, critical thinkers fascinated by spirituality. We are the bridge between spiritual and material world. We are born to assist the ascension of our planet in a unique way at this time by collectively ushering in new social systems and structures rooted in love, kindness and equality of all souls.

How can I help you expand into your purpose today?

Get clear on Bridgewalkers' purpose

Are you new to this term? Most people are. Start with this free guide that includes inspiration, and channeled information about Bridgewalkers' purpose at this time on the Earth.

Build a visionary business through self-mastery

Are you a coach, healer, artist who wants to create more balance, connection and alignment in your own life so you can show up more powerfully and fully in your business? Start with this free mini-course on 7 Chakra - the ancient Indian blueprint for self-mastery, and how it relates to business.

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Ever felt like you don't really identify as a "Lightworker" but love to discuss spirituality? More over, would you like to learn applying it practically in your business and life? Then I invite you to join this Facebook group of Bridgewalkers just like you.

Bridgewalkers operate at the intersection of spirituality, systemic change and practical actions.

So does my blog.

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About Me

Hello! I am Manasi Kakade. I am a Speaker, Writer and Practical Spirituality Mentor for Bridgewalkers. 

I inspire Bridgewalkers to accept their unique role as the architects of the new social systems and structures, at this time in the ascension of our planet.

I believe that every Bridgewalker has a signature message and a mission they are born to deliver. When we come in alignment with our Dharma (our unique way of being), that visionary message, mission and money emerges with ease. That's what I teach you how to do.

I am known for my signature "7 Chakra and Business System" that merges ancient Indian wisdom and modern business strategies.

What my clients say

Rose Pudzis

Founder of "The Psychic Salon"

Manasi is pure magic! Before I went through BVI, I was feeling lost and very disconnected from my purpose in life. I was exhausted all the time trying to work harder to be successful. 

Manasi was able to see who I was when I couldn’t, and she taught me how to start valuing and prioritizing myself.

Now, after going through BVI, I feel like I found my inner North Star and am able to trust my intuition. My energy levels have completely shifted and I understand what it is to live my true expression in life!

Emi Komatsu

Children's Books Writer and Illustrator

I believe I am born with my gifts for a reason and I must use them. I just didn't know how. I knew something needed to change soon because I was burned out, feeling tired and lazy, uninspired and easily agitated. I wasn't making much money and living below my standards.

In BVI, I understood my own energy flow, and what stops me and how to fix it. I started trusting my intuition, my decisions. I became comfortable with who I am, and dreaming big, wanting more in business and life. I feel centered and liberated.

I confidently released toxic relationships, created financial support without compromising my creativity time, and I will soon publish a series of children's books written and illustrated by me. 

Coaches, healers, artists

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